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Welcome to NeonGamingArtist

I’m a digital artist with a passion for gaming and anime. I’m mainly active on Instagram for posting my artwork. Check out my enamel pin designs in my Shop below.

The recently completed Kickstarter (Neon Legendary Pins) will introduce a new batch of pins to the pin store when they are ready.

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About Me

Hi, I’m Nikko, aka the NeonGamingArtist. I’m a gaming enthusiast and digital artist. I also love collecting enamel pins from all my favourite games and anime.

My favourite games include the Pokemon series, Final Fantasy series, Legend of Zelda series, and also have a lot of nostalgia around the SNES era with Chrono Trigger, Mega Man, and Super Mario. My gaming console of choice is now the Nintendo Switch for its convenience and engaging gameplay.

I’m mostly active posting art on Instagram, and have also produced a range of enamel pins that are available for sale on this site.

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