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Evie is full of possibilities! What will he evolve into? Or will you keep the cute original form forever?

Enamel pin featuring popular game character with a signature neon-style design, using multi-colour glow-in-the-dark luminescent powders on top of enamel colours to emulate a neon glow effect.

This design is part of my Neon Glow Poke Enamel Pins collection, which features 8 different designs. The current listing is for the Evie pin only.
-Sizes range from 32mm to 39mm on the longest edge (1.25 to 1.5”)
-Epoxy coated soft enamel design for crisp details and protection
-Zinc alloy metal base with black nickel plating
-Multicolour glow-in-the-dark effects
-2 back posts for secure fitting

I have both “A-grade” and “B-grade” pins available for this design. Due to the hand-made nature of these items, A-grade pins may have some insignificant imperfections. B-grade pins will have minor defects such as scratching or small miscoloured areas. These defects can be seen up close but unlikely to be noticable from a distance.

Customers based in UK and EU please contact me for shipping options, or visit my Etsy store. For all other customers, if the current shipping options don’t work for you, please contact me to discuss. Thanks!

Weight 12 g

Hard epoxy coated soft enamel on zinc alloy base, black nickel plating.




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